Casa Horenbecca
CH 6684 Piano di Campo,
Campo, Ticino,
Vallemaggia, Switzerland
nearest city is Locarno

Owner Ph-contact New Zealand: (Attention! 12 hours ahead of Switzerland, best to e-mail)
int.+ 64 9 309 9012 or
Skype: "ascotparnellguest"

Contact phone number in Switzerland when on-site.
int.+41 91 7541062

Call +41 91 7541062
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House for Rent / to let: (Affittasi - Casa è da affittare)
"Casa Horenbecca" Rustico mountain home
(a traditional farm-workers home built in 1746)
In the Vallemaggia at an altitude of 4,100 feet, 35 km from Locarno.
Casa Horenbecca, Piano-di-Campo, Ticino, South-Switzerland.

Brief Description: The home and garden are south-facing - 3 Bedrooms, one bathroom, a spacious living room, a dining room, kitchen with electric hobbs, and open fire-place, Basement wine/store. A shelter for firewood is shared with the landlord's home next door (+/-10 cubic metre), garden with expansive views and stone out-door-table. Minimum rental period is 1 year. Monthly rent is 550 Swiss Franks per month. The owners are available on site to show the home during the months of July and August.
Pictures made in the 4 sesons: early spring, autumn, mid winter, early summer.
The house is furnished and equipped with the basics. The modest furnishings currently present are: Double-beds in all bedrooms, dining table and chairs in the dining room as well as the living room, sofa in the living room, a telephone connection and 200 liter hot water tank. There is an outdoor parking space, and for people who live here the whole year, council permits one tree may be harvested from the surrounding woods per family. (ask the mayor). Please note that for those who are used to the highest levels of comfort, you may prefer to bring your own furniture.

Location and how to get here: Casa- Horenbecca in the village of Piano di Campo is located in the southern Alps of Switzerland in the Italian speaking canton of Ticino. Located on a south facing flank of the valley, the village looks-out on the Rosso di Ribia mountain range forming the upper Vallemaggia basin.

The mountain farm-home for rent "Casa Horenbeca" is situated at 1,250 m (4,100 feet) is a rustic character 18th century landmark building. It was originally built in 1746 and has withstood the centuries. Located in the centre of the tiny village the building was used as a post-office and bank for a brief period in the early to mid 19-hundreds. Still today the post-bus (the main public transport for the area) stops 3 times per day in front of the house and brings villagers and guests back and forth between the larger town of Cevio in the valley 'Vallemaggia' at the base of the mountain slope and 3 km from the frontier mountain village Cimalmotto at the top of the road. This is where the road ends due to the unsurpassable mountains that form the border with Italy. The convenient bus service, is ideal for those who wish to leave the car at home. During winter the road is kept free from snow; not a given in all mountain villages in Switzerland such as this, thus public transport is assured throughout the year. Villages and towns/cities nearby include: Cimalmotto @3km, Campo @1.5km, Bosco-Gurin @10km, Cerentino @4km, Cevio @13km, Locarno @35km, Ascona @37km.

The picturesque Swiss-lake cities of Locarno and Ascona are both a 45 minute drive from the mountain home in Piano di Campo. The Ski resort town of Bosco Gurin, Valle Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland is just a 10 minute drive from the house.

The lower valleys of Ticino are blessed with their location on the sunny side of the Alps and enjoy many sun filled days.  Temperatures for the most part are mild.  Winters are shorter than in Northern Europe, while snowfall is mainly experienced at elevations above 1,500 meters.   Piano di Campo lies in the Rovana- sidevalley of the Vallemaggia at an altitude of 1,250 m (4,100 feet) and is at 5 km of the border with Italy.  Although its elevation brings a lot of snow in winter, spring temperatures begin much sooner to rise than in other parts of Europe, while summers are always very nice.  All this is due to the shelter the mountains offer and due to the orientation of the village, directly facing south.

Environment: Surrounded by meadows, forests and waterfalls, this is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy tranquillity and fresh, clean mountain air. Casa Horenbecca house qualifies as a real hideaway for whomever wishes to get away from it all or as a base for a quiet retirement, or for people who wish to concentrate on writing or study for an extended period of time. Nevertheless the house is ideally located for anyone active in the Valle Maggia, be it in tourism or the services, agriculture and building industries of the region. There are many excellent family restaurants nearby at both ends of the road, and there are ski-resort pubs in Bosco Gurin a 10 minute drive and within a 45 minute drive one can be sipping a latté coffee on one of the numerous terrassed cafés of the Piazza Grandé, in the sun-drenched city of Locarno or be sipping a refreshing white wine at one of the many lake-side restaurants of Ascona, on Lake Maggiore.

Activities: Skiing in Bosco-Gurin; hiking walking trails, nature walks: as quoted in the Cicerone guide book "Walking in Ticino – Switzerland". The Ticino Alps of southern Switzerland, best known for the lakeside resorts of Locarno, Ascona and Lugano, provide also some of the finest uncrowded paths of all the alpine regions. Granite peaks form a dramatic backdrop to every outing. High passes lure the adventurous, exquisite views or vast panoramas, and in the valleys there's an air of soft enchantment among the chestnut woods.  Lake Maggiore and its valleys are particularly well-suited for excursions and nature walks. You can explore the mountains with their Alpine lakes via mountain cabins.

The owners: of "Casa Horenbecca", the family Blommaert spent the past 30 years diligently restoring the old farm house to the landmark building it still is today.  All repairs and maintenance have been done in keeping with the peasant culture of the region and history of the house. The mod cons have been kept modest, nevertheless it offers conveniences such as 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, fire-places, electric radiators etc...  Bart and Therese Blommaert who are the current custodians of this family property, live in Auckland New Zealand, where they own and manage the Ascot Parnell bed and breakfast hotel. You may always contact them with your inquiry via e-mail and they will make sure that you will be met by a relative who will arrange a viewing time or facilitate the rental agreement and handover arrangements.


Outdoor markets nearby: nearly every small town nearby has some kind of a market during the week.  When you are here for a longer period of time you can visit a market in Bellinzona  - Capital of Ticino (on Saturday  8.00-13.00), in Locarno  on Lake Maggiore (on Thursday  9.00-17.00), in Luino - Lake Maggiore Italy (on Wednesday) and in Canobio - Lake Maggiore Italy (on Sunday) !
Aerial photo Piano di Campo
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